‘I’ll F**k You Up’: Russell Westbrook Warns Jazz Fan and His Wife

by March 12, 2019

Russell Westbrook issued a fiery warning to trash talking Utah Jazz fans Monday night.

“I’ll f**k you up. You and your wife,” Westbrook threatened from the Thunder bench.

Russ said the pair made “racial” comments during OKC’s 98-89 win.

Per The Oklahoman:

Westbrook said after the Thunder’s 98-89 win over the Jazz that the fan told him to “Get down on your knees like you’re used to.”

“To me that’s just completely disrespectful,” Westbrook said. “To me, I think it’s racial. I think it’s just inappropriate in the sense of, there’s no protection for the players. I think there are a lot of great fans around the world that like to come to the game and enjoy the game. And there are people that come to the game to say mean, disrespectful things about me, my family.”

According to KSL, Shane Keisel was the fan in the altercation with Westbrook. Keisel told the Utah TV station that the conversation started with him telling Westbrook to sit down and ice his knees, referring to the heat pads he was wearing. Then it escalated.

Westbrook and Thunder guard Raymond Felton, who was also on the bench at the time, said the woman with Keisel repeated his insult. Keisler said she didn’t say a word.

“I’ve never put my hand on a woman,” Westbrook said. “I never will.”

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