Interest in Kidd Down

by Marcel Mutoni

A few weeks ago, it appeared as though Jason Kidd already had one foot out the door in Jersey. The Nets were playing terribly, he was miserable, and of course there was the bizarre migraine incident.

According to GM Rod Thorn, League-wide interest in acquiring the ageless point guard (last night, Jason recorded the 14,000th point of his career) isn’t as high as it was earlier this season. Thorn’s phone is no longer ringing off the hook

“They’re going down,” the Nets president admitted last night, with a trace of relief and derision. Because … why? Have they finally caught on that it’s futile to try to steal the Nets point guard?

“Yeah, you could say that,” Thorn replied with a laugh.

I think it’s important to keep in mind that GM’s aren’t affected by the 24-hour news cycle the way fans and observers are; in most cases, no matter how unhappy a superstar may appear one day, he’s probably not going anywhere. The beast, though, must continue to get fed.