Is A.I. on the Block?

by Marcel Mutoni

The Denver Nuggets have seemingly learned from the PR nightmare the Carmelo Anthony trade rumors from earlier this summer turned into, not to mention Marcus Camby calling the front-office “classless” on his way out of town.

I say they’ve learned from these things, because we’ve barely heard a word about them apparently being open to the possibility of trading away Allen Iverson.

Let’s turn to the Rocky Mountain News for the murky details:

Marcus Camby has been shown to the city line. Could Allen Iverson be the next high-dollar player to be drop-kicked out of Denver by the cost-cutting Nuggets?

Indications are the Nuggets would trade Iverson if the deal was right. They’d also trade Kenyon Martin or Nene, if anybody wanted either.

The blog post penned by beat writer Chris Tomasson, though short on the nitty-gritty details and long on speculation, isn’t entirely surprising. It’s no secret, after all, that the brass in Denver is desperate to cut costs. And with an always-attractive expiring contract, A.I. is sure to draw Leaguewide interest .

It’ll be fascinating to watch how the Iverson Era in the Mile High City plays out, and if the bumbling front-office’s “chess moves” end up paying off.