Is Durant Serious?

by March 08, 2007

by Marcel Mutoni

I think we can all agree on the fact that Kevin Durant is one of the most promising ball players in the world. You know the details: arms that go on forever; practically unlimited range; creates problems on both ends of the floor; is one of the reasons why this year’s March Madness is not to be missed; has received a slurp job from just about every media member that follows basketball; and might go first overall in the draft.

On Monday, D.J. Augustin, Durant’s freshman point guard teammate, said something potentially earth-shattering. For a few NBA GM’S, anyway.

[D.J.] Augustin also said that star freshman Kevin Durant has told his teammates that he’s coming back.

“But Kevin’s a humble guy, so he’s probably going to say he’s coming back whenever he’s asked that question,” Augustin said.

I think Danny Ainge just swallowed his own tongue.

Now, the question becomes: Is this for real? Would Durant risk major injury (and millions of dollars) by going back to college for one more year?

Even though Durant has yet to publicly address his teammate’s comments, I’m choosing not to believe any of it. I don’t care how much fun he’s having in college, or how well his team does in the tourney; his stock can’t go any higher, and what more could he possibly have to prove on that level?

But, you never know…