Is Gooden Trade Bait?

by July 27, 2007

by Marcel Mutoni

-Rumor has it that the Cavs are talking with a number of teams about a possible Drew Gooden trade.

-Is legalized gambling the solution for the NBA? This economist thinks so.

If David Stern wants to reduce gambling-related corruption in the N.B.A., he should try to find a way to encourage the types of bets that do not promote corruption.

That’s right: Legalizing wagering on which team wins or loses a particular game, while banning all bets on immaterial outcomes like point spreads, would destroy the market for illegal bookmakers and make sporting events less corruptible by gamblers.

(A terrific idea, which means that it’ll probably never come to fruition. Awesome!)

-Mo Williams got jacked.

Thieves got away with two LCD screens from the head rests, a navigation system and a radio/DVD player, according to a police report. Damage and loss are estimated at $3,000.

Jake Appleman linked to Gilbert Arenas’s blog post yesterday, but I’m going to link to it again because Gil’s entries always have a lot of good stuff to chew on.

I ran up and down for the first time with the USA Under-21 Team. I don’t know what to call that team actually, they don’t look like they’re under 21. I’ll just call them the USA College Team.They were down in D.C. at the Verizon Center so I played with them. I hit a couple buckets, you know, but that’s all I can say.

I couldn’t jump and stuff them, I was looking like I was Chucky Atkins out there around the rim. The stroke was there, but I was looking like Chucky on the vert.

(I think we can all agree that if you have a chance to make fun of Chucky Atkins, you take advantage of it.)

-The Mavs have signed Nick Fazekas.