Is Jermaine O’Neal on the Trading Block?

by July 23, 2007

by Marcel Mutoni

-According to Darrell Armstrong, the Pacers are looking to move Jermaine O’neal.

-Troy Hudson and the Timberwolves are working on a buyout.

-Hudson, however, rejected the Wolves’ initial offer.

-Stephon Marbury makes me happy.

“If you’re going to write this, I’m going to make sure that they know that you got this from me, because I’m taping it just like you’re taping it,” Marbury said. “… I’m a journalist as well. Everybody is going to be held accountable for their words.”

(Steph is a journalist much in the same way that I’m a heart surgeon.)

-Since they couldn’t acquire Steve Francis, the Clippers might have to go after Brevin Knight.

-And finally for today: Is your dog this heroic? Doubt it.