Is Larry Bird Flying Out of Indy?

by March 18, 2008

by Marcel Mutoni

Donnie Walsh isn’t the only one thinking of jumping ship; Larry Bird could be on his way out of Indiana, too.

Uncertain about his future with the ballclub, Bird doesn’t sound like a man who enjoys coming into the office these days.

“I don’t know,” Bird said when asked if he believed he and CEO Donnie Walsh would be here next season. “We’ll just wait and see.

“Donnie’s been a great man to work for and I love everything about him. He paid his dues, came up from the bottom, assistant coach, was on the bench, got in the front office and had a fine career. He’s just as sick over (the team’s performance) as I am.”

Though his rep as a front-office executive took a big hit following the disastrous trade last season, Bird will no doubt land on his feet with an other NBA franchise should he choose to bolt from Indy.

How great would it be if he somehow ended up in Golden State?