Is Tony Allen’s Life in Danger?

by Marcel Mutoni

With the Chicago Bulls and Boston Celtics scratching and clawing for their Playoff survival, the Celtics’ Tony Allen has something a little more pressing on his mind these days: his own survival, in a literal sense.

According to several media reports, Allen’s homecoming for games 3 and 4 of the opening round series has been anything but sweet. Due to death threats, he must play the games with extra protection from NBA security.

The Boston Globe reports:

Celtics guard Tony Allen, back in his hometown for Game 3 against the Bulls last night, has received death threats, according to several NBA sources, and security was added to protect the visitors’ bench in the Celtics’ 107-86 win.

Sources said Allen has been receiving the threats in Chicago for some time. The former Crane High star also received threats prior to a March 17 game at Chicago, sources said, but he didn’t make the trip because of a thumb injury.

“Is that what you’re going to write about? Is that what you’re going to write about?” said Allen, before walking away after being asked about the threats…Yesterday was the first time this season Allen made a trip with the Celtics to Chicago. A source said the extra security was a preventative measure.

Wild stuff.

The Globe story concludes with a reference to an August 2005 fight outside a Chi-town restaurant. Two years later, Allen was found not guilty of aggravated battery by a Chicago court for his role in the scuffle.