Isaiah Thomas: Lakers ‘Don’t Know How to Win Yet’

by March 09, 2018

Isaiah Thomas says the Los Angeles Lakers “don’t know how to win yet.”

IT thinks the roster is still too inexperienced to properly close out NBA games.

Lonzo Ball believes the Lakers “get relaxed” once they grab a lead.

Per Lakers Nation:

“We don’t know how to win yet,” Isaiah Thomas said of the recent growing pains. “We have a young group, we’re not executing the way we need to down the stretch. These guys, half of them are 20 years old. They don’t know how to win an NBA basketball game.”

[Luke] Walton’s belief was shared by Lonzo Ball, who said the Lakers “get relaxed” after jumping out to a comfortable lead. While he doesn’t believe they are there just yet, Thomas is confident the Lakers will shake free from the struggles of protecting a lead.

“It’s the experience, continue to play through the ups and downs of a long season, continue to learn how to win. That just has to do with experience,” he said. “It will definitely come. We’ve got to do a better job of taking care of the ball, getting a shot every time, and just executing. If we execute, we’ll be a lot better.”