Isiah Thomas Will Make Things Right

by Marcel Mutoni

Truth be told, he actually will not make things right, but it’s fun to pretend that he will. Or not.

Zeke and his basketball yahoos, also commonly known as the NY Knicks, are in Chicago (Thomas’s hometown) for a tilt with the Bulls tonight, and Isiah says that he’s not leaving the team until he’s fixed the mess that he himself created.

“I know I won’t find a more passionate person and a more committed person to do this than myself,” Thomas said. “Sure, there could be smarter people. But in terms of the determination and a passion to make it right, I know I’m not going to find anyone out there who wants to do it more than I want to do it right now.”

“I am determined to fix this, to make this right,” Thomas said. “That’s how I want to leave it. I want to leave it right.”

How about you just leave, dude? You’ve done enough. Seriously, thanks for everything! We’ll take it from here.