Iverson vs. the Sixers. Already?

by January 02, 2007

By Sam Rubenstein

It feels like Allen Iverson was traded away from Philly 5 minutes ago. Tonight the Sixers will face Allen with his new team. This is way too soon. The opposite of dramatic. I think he’s going to go off for 50-65 points. Not because of any personal grudge or vendetta against the organization, but because he’s Allen Iverson and they are the Philadelphia 76ers. Have you seen them play this year? On second thought, he’ll be out of the game by the middle of the third quarter with the Nugs up by 40, so he won’t have a chance to really light up the scoreboard.

Unless George Karl leaves his starters in for too long. I hear that’s his thing.

Oh and speaking of lovefests with ex-players, Shaq is setting his return from injury date to coincide with the Heat facing the Lakers in Los Angeles. Now that’s a showman handling his showbiz.