Iverson’s Lawsuit, Devean’s Deal, Plus Trouble in Amare’s Family

by July 09, 2007

by Marcel Mutoni

-Good news for the man who sued Allen Iverson after AI’s entourage allegedly beat the crap out him and a buddy: He’s being awarded $260,000. Hey Allen, feel free to kick my butt anytime. Seriously, I don’t mind.

-The Mo Williams/Pat Riley date went well. Or as the Williams put it, it was “productive”. Does that mean they kissed at the end of the night?

-Devean George is staying in Dallas because no one else wants him. Seriously, that’s what happened:

After opting out of his contract and looking for a better deal elsewhere, swingman Devean George is coming back to the Dallas Mavericks.George has agreed to a roughly $2.4 million, one-year deal that keeps him as a reserve on one of the NBA’s top teams and puts him in position for a bigger payday next summer, agent Mark Bartelstein said Monday.

-According to Newsday’s Ken Berger, the KG-to-Golden State trade talks are heating up. His teammate Rashard McCants, though, says Kevin doesn’t want to go anywhere. KG trade speculation hurts my head.

-Doug and Jackie Christie are committed to never leaving our lives. After torturing us with their gawd awful television show, they’ve now slapped together a book about their relationship. I fully expect a “leaked” sex tape within the next six months. (Shudder)

-Stan Van Gundy wants JJ Redick to play defense. This will not end well.

-Eazy Yi at the buzzer. Wet. He’s a very bad man.

-Continuing with the Summer League theme, Greg Oden did a lot better in his second game: Dude only committed 9 fouls. I call that improvement.

(G.O. also had 13 points and snatched 5 boards.)

-And in less thrilling news, Amare’s half brother is in serious trouble with the cops. A bad situation all around.