Jabari Parker: Derrick Rose Still ‘My Hero’ 🌹

by July 17, 2018
jabari parker derrick rose hero

The newest Bull, Chicago native Jabari Parker, says Derrick Rose is “still a hero for a lot of people, including myself.”

In a story by ESPN’s Nick Friedell, Parker said Rose could retire from basketball now and still be a “legend.”

“He’s still a hero for a lot of people, including myself.”

“And his legacy is gonna be, it’s going to be with the tops and historically with the best no matter what. […]

“We embrace Derrick so much no matter what he does; he can stop playing now. He’s going to be a legend.” […]

“I always remember the good times. [Rose is] an MVP. Not many people can say they’re MVP of the league, and that’s all I remember is how he carried the city, who he was to us growing up, and that’s just going to be my hero.”

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