Jalen Rose: NBA Players to Boycott White House Visits Under Donald Trump

Barack Obama will host the Cleveland Cavaliers at the White House today, marking the last time an NBA championship team visits him during his presidency, but what happens next year with Donald Trump at the helm?

According to ESPN talking head Jalen Rose, some players will express their displeasure with Trump’s agenda by skipping the trip.

The Cavs spoke about what a Trump reign signifies to them Wednesday.

Per the Akron Beacon Journal:

(LeBron) James endorsed Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton last month before campaigning with her during a rally Sunday in Cleveland. J.R. Smith and his daughter joined them on stage Sunday. Smith explained to the Beacon Journal he did it because he thought it was “ridiculous” Trump had made it this far with no political background and felt something needed to be done to stop him.


“This situation is ridiculous that somebody like Trump can get this far saying the things he’s saying and doing the things he’s done over the course of his history with no political background,” Smith said Tuesday before Trump’s victory. “That’s ridiculous. In this situation, I think everybody has to step up and say something.”


Smith on Wednesday posted a picture of his daughter’s recent visit to the White House and asked what he’s supposed to tell her now? […] “How do you explain to this face what happen? You can be a educated women in your field an not get the job because you’re a women or cause your black,” Smith wrote. “How do you say “go try your best” even though it won’t be good enough. How do I even feel confident sending her on play dates knowing the kids family voted for the racist, sexist person and I don’t know how they will treat her when she’s gone. How? Seriously How? I understand let go and let God! But damn!”

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