Jamaal Tinsley Had an Interesting Weekend

by Marcel Mutoni

For the third time in a little over one year, Pacers point guard Jamaal Tinsley was involved in an altercation following a night of clubbing. Tinsley and his friends were shot at around 3:40 AM Sunday morning in Indianapolis; thankfully, no one was killed or seriously injured.

The Pacers, as you might imagine, were less than amused.

“With Jamaal, it’s just ‘Why are you out at 3:30 in a place like that?’ I don’t really have a problem with guys being out till 3:30, but you’ve got to know your surroundings,” Team president Larry Bird said.

“Obviously, it’s time for these guys to take a look at everything that’s happened throughout our league, throughout professional sports, and step back and take a hard look at it and make smarter decisions.”

One gets the feeling that if Bird could institute a team curfew (or better yet, tell his guys which establishments they may frequent), he would jump at the chance.

Joey Qatato, an equipment manager for the Pacers, was shot in both of his elbows.

According to people in Tinsley’s camp, tensions rose after a group of people in the club began harassing Tinsely and his friends about the flashy cars they were driving and the money Jamaal makes.

Though it appears that Jamaal and co. were hardly at fault here, it’s not hard to imagine how this will be received in Hoosier country.