James Harden Says He’s the Best Basketball Player Alive

by August 19, 2014

Despite being one of the greatest offensive forces on the planet, James Harden’s game still has plenty of room for improvement. And he knows it.

Still, though, the Houston Rockets All-Star guard tells our main man Scoop Jackson that he’s the best baller currently breathing. Per ESPN:

Bottom line, you are on this (USA Basketball) team and a lot of players aren’t, but in your mind, who is the best basketball player alive right now? Harden: “Myself.”


That’s what I was about to say, “including you.” You made that sound like it was an easy answer. Harden: “It is. Myself.”


Then here’s the question: Are you where you want to be basketball-wise, even if you are the best? Harden: “Nowhere near close. I’ve got a long way to go, a lot of learning to do, improvements to make. Um, you know, as long as I’m listening and focused on the right things, I can reach my potential.”