Jay-Z Comes to LeBron’s Defense in Song, Disses DeShawn

by April 28, 2008

by Marcel Mutoni

If we’re not careful, and by that I mean if we don’t keep rappers out of it, this Wizards/Cavs series is going to end in gunfire.

Incredibly, LeBron’s BFF and New Jersey Nets minority owner (!) Jay-Z got involved in the increasingly bitter LeBron James-DeShawn Stevenson “rivalry” over the weekend. Which might be part of the reason why DeShawn tried to take off LeBron’s head in Game Four.

You read that right. Jay-Z, the Jigga Man, H-to-the-Izzo, Mr. Beyonce Knowles, made diss record about DeShawn Stevenson that was played at the D.C. night spot Love on Friday night, according to several witnesses. I have not heard the song or the lyrics but I was told that Jay-Z freestyled over the beat for the track, “Blow The Whistle” by rapper Too Short.

Seriously, a diss track about DeShawn Stevenson? He of the career averages of less than 9 points, less than 3 boards, and less than 2 assists per game? The man who has not only failed to slow down LeBron, but has just managed a shade under 12 points per game in the heated series? Whose team is on the brink of elimination?

As stupid as all of this is, I’m glad Jay has opened up a new line of communication for NBA big shots. Dissing players in song is so much more interesting than blogging.

(The diss track, which you probably shouldn’t play in the office, can be found here.)