‘I Was Going Up With Bad Intentions’: Jaylen Brown on Monster Dunk Against Miles Bridges

The Boston Celtics found themselves in yet another overtime game in last night’s 140-129 win over Charlotte. With under two minutes left in the regulation, Jaylen Brown reached for the stars in a crazy dunk on Hornets forward Miles Bridges.

“I had to make up for the missed dunk in New York,” Brown says, per MassLive. “So my teammates was teasing me a little bit. It was just a good play. Miles, obviously, is one of the better athletes in the league, so I knew that if I tried to lay it up, he was going to send it back to Boston…So, I was going up with bad intentions.”

Bridges then took to social media after the game, tweeting: “Also imma jump everytime down 3 in an overtime game or anytime the game on the line!! Helluva play!!”

Although Brown sat out of the matchup against the Rockets due to knee soreness, he still managed to pop off against the Hornets with 30 points, nine rebounds and 3 dimes.

“I think last year was more chronic,” Brown added, per MassLive. “I think this year is just a spike just because of the amount of minutes coming out the gate from the double-overtime game, being in quarantine, et cetera, only having one day to come back. I think this one was just more of an isolated incident.

“It kind of dragged out all season. I’m hoping that’s not going to be the case here. So I think they’re just being cautious of that because they don’t want it to bother me all season long. I don’t think it will.”

Brown’s performance, alongside a 41-point game from teammate Jayson Tatum, helped will the Celtics to their second win of the season. They’ll take on the Wizards on Wednesday night.