Jaylen Brown Made a Rap Song To Prepare for LeBron James

by September 11, 2017
jaylen brown lebron james rap

During the Eastern Conference finals, Celtics forward Jaylen Brown reportedly wrote and produced a rap to prepare for his matchup with LeBron James.

Brown, who’s no stranger to making beats, created a three-minute, 31-second rap called “Building Blocks,” which he listened to several times before games.

Here’s some of the lyrics, via SportTechie:

Game day and it’s time to focus in.
Is you ready, I can feel you breathing heavy, keep it steady.
I just gotta pretend that I got it all together when I don’t.
Probably wanna throw up but I won’t … just breathe.


Breathe in, breathe out, listen to my voice breathe in, breathe out.
(Expletive) you ain’t got a choice, breathe in, breathe out.
I can feel my hands sweaty, I can feel my legs heavy.

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