Jayson Tatum Doesn’t Know How to Slow Down LeBron James

by May 11, 2018

Like everyone else in the NBA, Jayson Tatum hasn’t the faintest idea how to slow down LeBron James, or even make the Cavs’ superstar uncomfortable on the court.

Tatum points out that he’s just a rookie after all.

Celtics guard Marcus Smart, on the other hand, says he’s looking forward to the challenge of guarding LeBron in Boston and Cleveland’s upcoming Eastern Conference Finals war.


“This is my first year,” Tatum said when asked how to make James uncomfortable. “I don’t know.” Boston likely will throw the long, athletic [Jaylen] Brown at James to open the series, but Tatum undoubtedly will get his turn against the 14-time All-Star, who the rookie guarded in his NBA debut back in October.

“It’s like night and day,” Tatum said. “I remember the first time we played them I was so nervous, but you know, there have been 90 games since then and we’ve been through a lot. We’re relaxed and calm but ready to go out there and play.”

While Brown and Tatum might log the most time on King James in the coming series, another Celtic is eager to get his chance at the NBA’s mad titan.

“I do want to guard LeBron. I do,” Smart said after the game. “I’m sure I’ll see some parts of him and I’ll try to do my best to contain him.”