Jazz Fans Burn Gordon Hayward Jerseys

by July 06, 2017

Gordon Hayward‘s departure to Boston did not sit well with Utah Jazz fans, some of whom burned his jersey and posted videos online.

(Unable to come up with anything more clever, they also created a “#betrayward” hashtag on social media.)

The local press and Hayward’s now-former Jazz teammates also expressed their displeasure with way the 27-year-old NBA All-Star announced his free agency decision.

Per SLC Dunk:

Gordon Hayward broke up with us and all we got was a ghost written Player’s Tribune article and a 4th of July of leaks, he’s not sure, then the final blow. He couldn’t even break up with Utah right. Instead when the truth came out that he was leaving, he cowered back to make it seem like he was truly conflicted when the ink was already dry on his “passionate” thank you to Utah for investing 7 years, millions of dollars, cap flexibility, billboards, marketing, letters, coverage, and merchandise for a guy who was just itching to get back together with his college sweetheart.


There have been players who have left Utah. But to be the player who everything hinges on, to have such a successful team, and to leave it? You want to talk about unfinished business? This is unfinished business. This guy talks about wanting to play against the best and he leaves so he can play against an Eastern Conference that is bordering on the G-League.


That’s how we feel. We’re tired of this. We’re tired of being second. The runner up. The bridesmaid. Goodbye, Hayward. Sadly, Kevin O’Connor was right and wrong. You would surprise us, but we will boo you for it.

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