Jazz Permenantly Ban Second Fan After 2018 Playoffs Video Surfaces

by March 15, 2019

After last week’s disturbing incident, the Utah Jazz are not messing around with improper fan conduct, as they recently banned a second fan for degrading and offensive conduct toward Russell Westbrook after a video surfaced from the 2018 playoffs, according to The Deseret News‘ Eric Woodyard.

In the video, a fan heckles Westbrook, who calmly alerted security to diffuse the situation.

Before Utah’s home tilt against the Timberwolves last night, owner Gail Miller addressed the crowd with a heartfelt speech.

“This should never happen,” Miller said. “We are not a racist community.”

The Thunder and Jazz have do not have any more games scheduled against each other this season, although a first round playoff rematch is potentially on the horizon.

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