Jeff Van Gundy takes shots at his mentor

by April 18, 2008

By Sam Rubenstein

This is quite the family drama playing out in the public eye. Pat Riley raised the Van Gundy boys as his own, at least in their professional development. One became a playoff time blood rival in the days when the Knicks were more likely to punch you in the face than be a punch line. The other stepped in on one of Pat’s patented hiatuses, and felt the ax swing, the knife in the back, all of that.

Today’s story is that Jeff believes the Miami Heat may not have been giving 110% this season.

“They haven’t been putting a product on the floor that’s representative of NBA basketball, whether it’s true injuries or trying to manipulate their chances in the lottery. They should have been in the 40s [in victories], so I’m not going to give them credit for some turnaround next year if they try real hard and win because they didn’t do that since Christmas this year.”Van Gundy said ”there’s no way, if Pat Riley is your coach and Dwyane Wade” is available for 51 games that a team should be this bad “if you’re trying real, real hard. That’s impossible.”

And so, the playoff trash talk begins, as one announcer trashes the worst team in the league.