Jerry Colangelo: Mark Cuban’s World Cup Idea All About the Money

by August 06, 2014

Well, yeah. For years now, Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban has railed against the IOC’s monopoly on profits from international hoops tournaments. Paul George’s devastating injury gave Cuban ammunition for his NBA-run World Cup of Basketball proposal. USA Basketball chairman Jerry Colangelo says Cuban is just angry since he can’t (yet) make money from these events. Per the Star-Telegram:

“I think people need to read between the lines, which is basically he’s not against international competition,” Colangelo said during a Tuesday conference call. “He’s against international competition when he believes the beneficiary — being the IOC — is getting the money.


“So he’s basically saying it’s OK for our players to play internationally if the money goes to the NBA and to the team owners. That’s the difference.”


Under terms of the agreement FIBA has with the IOC, any monies made during international competition basically lines the pockets of the IOC. That, in effect, is why Cuban believes the IOC is using the NBA to fatten its bank account. […] “I’m not sure there’s a debate necessarily,” Colangelo said. “I think there’s some opinions that may lead to some debate that takes place among the owners. We can only deal with the facts as they are. Players are allowed to play, owners are not to dissuade them from playing — it’s all part of an agreement. And as long as the rules are as they are, we’ll continue on that basis until it changes.”