Jerry Sloan Questions His Team’s Toughness

by December 16, 2008

by Marcel Mutoni

Jerry Sloan intimidates everyone. From the fans, to the media, all the way down to his own players. Hell, I’ve never been in the same room with the guy and I’m terrified of him.

Which is why I pity the poor Jazz players who will have to deal with him at practice after their effort against the Celtics in Boston last night.You could say that coach Sloan wasn’t impressed with what he saw out there:

“It looked like we were scared to play against them to start the ballgame,” said Sloan. “Looked like we wanted to play out on the perimeter and take jump shots…They’re awfully hard to get the ball inside on, because they’re an excellent defensive team and they knock you around a bit.”

“Our guys wanted to stay outside because I think they were afraid they’d get hurt. They had us intimidated a great deal and had us out on the perimeter. We never did fully recover.”

There probably aren’t too many more emasculating things in this world than a sixty-six year old man questioning your physical and emotional toughness.

One of Sloan’s tough guys, Carlos Boozer, is slowly inching closer to returning to action. Hurry back, Carlos, before the old man totally loses it.