Jerry Sloan’s Ejection: Historically Quick, Predictable

by Marcel Mutoni

The local press has yet to figure out if it’s the fastest coaching ejection in League history; they’re far too busy gloating over the fact that they saw it coming from a mile away.

From the Salt Lake Tribune:

As Tim Buckley from the Deseret News can attest, I predicted Jerry Sloan’s ejection from Sunday’s game before it even started. You could just see it coming how frustrated Sloan was after Saturday’s triple-overtime loss to Miami.

Now 2:12 into the game? I don’t think anybody could have called that. We tried to find out if it was the quickest coaching ejection in NBA history, but the Elias Sports Bureau doesn’t track ejections since it’s not an official league statistic.

We have a lot of longtime Jazz fans here as well as some pretty savvy researchers. I’m wondering if anybody can remember Sloan getting ejected from a game as fast as he did Sunday. None of the Jazz players could after the game.”I don’t think I’ve ever seen that,” Deron Williams said. “He let his voice be heard,” Carlos Boozer added, “and we love him for that, for having our back.”

Of course, Jerry’s quick exit did nothing to stop the Jazz’s slide. The Orlando Magic whooped them, and Utah has now lost three in a row.

It might be time to try another tactic, Mr. Sloan.