Jim Boylan Thinks He Has Job Security

by Marcel Mutoni

On Saturday night, in a game against the Pacers, Andres Nocioni was pulled after playing less than three minutes and sent to the showers. The reason was because he’d started yelling and cussing at interim coach Jim Boylan.

These types of incidents, coupled with the Bulls’ horrid record, aren’t encouraging signs that Boylan’s future employment with the ballclub is secure.

Jim Boylan, though, is man full of optimism.

”People are writing about that and thinking I have no chance; I don’t agree,” Boylan said of Nocioni’s meltdown on the bench after he was pulled from the loss to Indiana.

”I feel like I’ve done a lot for this organization. I’ve brought a lot to the table, and I’ve handled a lot of situations well. I would think a fair evaluation would be that someone has a chance to have a training camp and get these guys organized and have some authority.”

Boylan can act cool and calm all he wants; his job is about as secure as Mutombo’s birth certificate is legit. I’m pretty sure that I saw his CV floating around Monster.com last week.