Jimmer Fredette’s Family Wants the Knicks to Draft Him

by March 16, 2011

According to The Jimmer‘s brother, T.J., the fam is rooting for the Knickerbockers to take him in next year’s NBA Draft. The Philly Inquirer reports: “Last season, NBA scouts told Jimmer he’d likely be selected late in the first round, early in the second. There were no guarantees and since Jimmer wanted his senior year anyway, the decision to return was made easier. DraftExpress currently predicts Jimmer will go 13th (to the Phoenix Suns) in the 2011 NBA Draft, although his stock fluctuates with questions about his size, speed, and defense. What isn’t a concern is his endorsement potential: one agent said companies are lining up to use his squeaky-clean image and market his electrifying game and trouble-free persona. The ideal NBA landing pad for both brothers – basketball for Jimmer, music for T.J. – would be New York. ‘We want him to go to the Knicks,’ T.J. says without hesitation. ‘That’s our team.’ In NYC, Jimmer could learn under veteran point guard Chauncey Billups, play in coach Mike D’Antoni’s up-and-down system, and live in a city close to home. Of course, this isn’t a controllable part of the plan.”