Joel Embiid: ‘I Expect to Be Back By Next Week’

by March 04, 2019

Joel Embiid has missed five games in a row due to left knee tendinitis, but says he should be back soon.

Embiid adds that he is “focused on long-term preservation.”

The big fella insists the injury has nothing to do with playing in the NBA All-Star Game last month.


“I expect to be back by next week,” he eventually said.

He had been dealing with knee soreness at different stages of the season. He even sat out the Sixers’ loss to the Portland Trail Blazers on Dec. 30 because of the soreness.

“It’s all about long-term preservation, making sure I’m ready,” he said of remaining sidelined. “Not just for the playoffs, also for the next 15 years. … We felt like it was better to preserve it, but it’s getting better.”

So if his knee was getting worse, why play in the All-Star Game?

“The All-Star Game I was good,” Embiid said. “That has nothing to do with playing in the All-Star Game. Nothing was bothering me.”