Joel Embiid: Sixers Lack Offensive Identity

The Sixers (31-20) don’t have any sort of offensive identity, admits All-Star center Joel Embiid.

“Our offense has not been good,” points out Embiid, while stopping short of saying Philadelphia has tuned out head coach Brett Brown.

Brown told reporters the team has yet to reach an “epidemic stage.”

Per The Philly Inquirer:

“You’d be better off asking them,” Brown said after Wednesday’s practice. “When you speak to them, speak freely, and I understand the question. … I’m not naive enough [not] to understand why you have asked what you have asked. But I answered it the way I answered it.

“I look forward to coaching them. When it gets to an epidemic stage, this thing you are talking about, I’ll admit that. I don’t [see that] at all right now.”

The players will say they don’t know their roles, and that’s evident by watching them play.

“We haven’t been winning,” center Joel Embiid said. “Our offense has not been good. But I always say, coaches aren’t out there to make shots for us. They don’t make plays.

“From time to time, you don’t know what you are getting. I don’t know if I am going into the game and if I am getting the ball or not. But I should never [let it] affect anything. It starts on defense. We still got to do our job. Even if it’s not getting the ball some nights. You still got to go hard. You see I got to go out and play hard.”

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