John Amaechi Isn’t Enjoying His Olympic Experience

by Marcel Mutoni

Wait, Amaechi is at the Olympic Games? Well, yes. Why exactly? Hard to tell. But whatever the case, it’s not exactly going as well as he’d hoped.

John Amaechi is apparently serving as a basketball analyst for the BBC, and according to the openly gay former NBAer, the Redeem Teamers haven’t exactly welcomed him with open arms whenever they’ve bumped into one another in Beijing.

In fact, some have acted as though he were a leper.

From the Rocky Mountain News:

“It’s been tense to say the least,” Amaechi said.

Amaechi said players have turned away from him, and there remains a “lot of tension.” He mentioned seeing Lakers star Kobe Bryant. “I ran into Kobe, and he was surprised to see me,” Amaechi said. “It didn’t go well.”

What’s the matter, Kob? Did John ask you how his as-, …, um, never mind.

Ah, it’s great to see how far the NBA has come since the Tim Hardaway fiasco from last year.