John Paxson speaks on the Ben Wallace trade

by February 22, 2008

By Sam Rubenstein

K.C. Johnson of the Chicago Tribune wraps up the Bulls side of the deal that put and end to the short-lived Big Ben experience in Chitown. Many John Paxson quotes included, and there’s even a video in the link if watching GMs speak is your thing.

“This is not the ending of how I see things going,” Paxson said. “What we’ve done is cleared an opportunity for Joakim [Noah] and Tyrus [Thomas] to get experience. That is so important for us moving forward in making the right decisions.

“We also get in Drew a guy who is a starting power forward, who we have liked for a long time anyway and who can score and rebound. Larry has had some really good years and gives us more size and scoring. We’re crowded now in our backcourt, but that’s how the deal had to go.”

And so, the Bulls are in the rebuilding!