John Wall on NBA Jump: ‘No Choice’

by January 25, 2010

Here’s Wall, more or less confirming what everyone already knows anyway: “After filling his stat line again on Saturday (16 points, seven assists, three steals), Kentucky freshman John Wall said he had ‘no choice’ but to enter this year’s NBA Draft. That echoed UK Coach John Calipari insisting to radio host Dan Patrick earlier in the week that Wall would turn pro after this season. ‘I joke about coming back, and like you say, he tells me, no,’ Wall said after UK’s 101-70 victory over Arkansas on Saturday. When a reporter noted that players must obey their coach, Wall smiled and said, ‘Yeah. I really have no choice.’ Calipari told Patrick he’d wrestle with Wall rather than let the freshman return for a second UK season. ‘Coach might,’ a smiling Wall said. ‘He might pull my eye out. You never know.”‘