Jose Calderon Wants to Start

by Marcel Mutoni

Well, so much for Jose Calderon being the ultimate selfless teammate; a guy only concerned with winning and bringing fellow Dinos some Gatorade on the bench to keep them properly hydrated.

Jose, like every professional athlete on the planet, wants a prime-time role.

“I want to be a starter and to be in a team that aspires for everything.

“Of course I will not be in a team in which I cannot be an important contributor nor if there is not a solid structure or if there are not options to be in the “Playoffs”

Jose is without a doubt the Raptors’ best point guard, and yet, his role on the team continues to be ill-defined, as coaching and management insist on letting both he and TJ Ford take turns steering the ship.

You can’t fault Calderon for wanting to start; he may be looking out for his best interests (as he should), but it’s also what’s right for Toronto.

(Via: From Deep)