Juicy, Jordan and Sideshow Varejao

by Lang Whitaker

• The Zach Randolph story gets even more interesting, with mentions of a sex show, marijuana and gang symbols. But whatever you do, don’t call Portland the Jailblazers.

• The ABA, a league which has never met a press release it couldn’t foul up, has announced the creation of their 1,334th team. The squad will be based in Richmond, and will be owned by Anne “Juicy” Iverson, mother of Allen. The team, the Richmond Warriors, doesn’t have their official website set up just yet, so they have this currently serving as their homepage. Any Linkstigators in Richmond? We really need to have someone check this out.

• Last week, someone sent me a link to the video of Anderson Varejao breaking the Greek player’s jaw. Byt he time I checked the video, it was gone. Now it’s back, and you can watch it here.

• Have the Sonics found a home in Seattle?

• Shaq says he’s going to open 40 gyms in the next three years. But he’s going to need Dwyane Wade’s help on 35 of them.

• Hey, can we get someone to keep an eye on Windhorst and ESPN Insider Chris Sheridan over there in Asia? (By the way, last week after I publicly doubted Sheridan’s athletic prowess, Sheridan emailed to say that he excels at any sport that qualifies for the beer Olympics — i.e. bowling, golf, darts, pool, poker.)

• The formerly tight-lipped John Stockton will be giving a motivational speech at a seminar in Utah alongside Rudy Giuliani.

• Headline of the week is on this story. Brilliant thinking by that Jordan guy.

• The Hawks have more answers than questions. Or at least, Sekou Smith does. (Fire up the RV!)