Julius Randle ‘Would Love to Play’ With LeBron James

by March 19, 2018

Julius Randle is having a breakthrough season, and says that if LeBron James chooses to move to L.A. this summer as a free agent, he would be welcomed with open arms.

Randle benefitted from playing alonside Kobe Bryant, and thinks being James’ teammate would only help his own burgeoning game.

Ironically, the Lakers would likely have to get rid of the 23-year-old to clear enough cap space to go after the likes of LeBron and Paul George.


Yes, the guy who is supposed to be one of the two critical financial maneuvers needed to secure $70 million in cap space to lure James and George — along with stretching the remaining two years and $36.8 million on Luol Deng’s contract — wonders what it would be like to stay and play alongside a superstar like James.

“It would definitely be interesting because we are building something. We really see our young core developing, so it would definitely be something interesting,” Randle said recently of playing with James only after insisting he has his mind focused on finishing the season strong for his team. “I played with [Kobe Bryant]. … What you learn from Bean as far as mentality and just the little things, his work ethic, I would love to play with Bron and learn the same things.

“[Learning and soaking in] what makes him so great, what does he do that makes him so great and how does he make everybody else so great. He has made a living off of making teammates better. So you have a guy like that, it makes a lot of things easier, I would say.”