Just How Old Is Larry Brown?

by Lang Whitaker

Russ sent me an email this morning noting a line in today’s NY Post story about Larry Brown moving his family from Connecticut to Philadephia.

As the Post says…

“Brown’s children, L.J., 11, and Madison, 8, attended the exclusive Philly school founded in 1785 while Brown coached the Sixers and even during Brown’s first season in Detroit.”

Now, I didn’t even know basketball had been invented in 1785, but if Larry Brown was alive, he was probably involved with the game. And since ESPN.com is randomly focused on the NBA in 2010, I thought we should look the other way.

Other things that happened in 1785, which Larry Brown may or may not have been involved with:

• Coal gas first used for illumination.

• Two men cross English Channel by air via hot air balloon, powered solely by Charles Barkley.

• The dollar is unanimously chosen as the monetary unit for the United States. By Mark Cuban.

• Isiah Thomas mismanages East Indian Trading Company funds.

• Longtime Lakers assistant Tex Winter born.

• Vince Carter strains hamstring.

• First draft of the US Constitution penned by Chad Ford.

• Shawn Kemp begins comeback attempt.

• OJ Mayo begins high school.

• Portland TrailBlazers announce plans to rebuild while making their roster more responsible to the Portland community.

• Dick Vitale proclaims George Washington first-team All-Diaper Dandy.

• Atlanta Hawks suck.

• LeBron James averages 31, 7 and 6; Cavs lose in second round of Playoffs.

• Darko Milicic begins developing low post game.

Anything I forgot? That’s what the comments are for…