Kareem Abdul-Jabbar Backtracks on Dirk Nowitzki Criticism

by May 16, 2017

Kareem Abdul-Jabbar attempted to clarify controversial comments he made last year, when he called Dirk Nowitzki a “one-trick pony” who fell short of a “dominant career.”

Kareem walked back his criticism late last week, and gave Dirk his props.

The Hall of Fame center says his statements were “misconstrued.”

Per USA Today:

“Some of the statements I made about (Nowitzki) were misconstrued to make it seem like I was trying to knock him and knock his career,” Abdul-Jabbar said on The Jump on ESPN. “Nothing could be further from the truth.


“He helped the game evolve by stretching the court with his accurate three-point shooting. Anybody that can lead the league multiple times as the leading scorer is awesome. And anything that I said that made anybody think differently, they got it wrong. And I wanted him to hear that from me.”


Nowitzki won the 2007 MVP and carried Dallas to the 2011 NBA title. He’s a 13-time All-Star, an Olympian, and his transformative three-point prowess as a 7-footer paved the way for an influx of versatile big men coming to the NBA from Europe.