Kelly Olynyk Earns $1 Million Bonus in Win vs Hawks

by April 05, 2018

Miami Heat forward Kelly Olynyk earned a $1 million bonus in the first two minutes of Wednesday night’s game against the visiting Atlanta Hawks, but didn’t rest on his laurels.

“Instead, I just made it rain,” the big fella said after reaching the 1,700-minute mark for the season in a 115-86 victory.

Olynyk finished with 19 points and made five 3-pointers.

Per the AP:

“Dinner, drinks, beers all that is on him,” [coach Erik] Spoelstra said. “I’m going to see if I can get tickets to a play. All that is on him. I’m going to bill his account for everything.”

Olynyk made five of six 3s in the second period. His career high for 3s in a game is six.

“I was kind of in the zone,” he said. “I felt like whatever I threw up was going to go in.”