Kendrick Perkins doubtful for Game 6

by June 16, 2008

By Sam Rubenstein

Mutoni is on his way back from Cali today. Even though the Lakers were far from impressive after the first quarter last night, and they are heading into an environment where the home fans will be bloodthirsty for a championship, L.A. still has one advantage: health. Perk did not play in game 5, and that allowed Pau Gasol to grab rebounds and stuff. Right now it looks like Perk will miss out on game 6 as well.

“It’s a good question,” Perkins said of whether he could play the rest of the series. “I couldn’t tell you. I can raise my arm, but there’s just a lot of pain right now. I don’t know if I can take a hard hit on it. When we get back to Boston I’m supposed to get an MRI on it, and then we’ll know more about it.”

And the more cocky:

“Well, I can still hold up the trophy,” Perkins said. “It’s very disappointing. It’s not often that you get to the Finals. This is a very important game, but if you can’t play, then you can’t play.”

So, can the Celtics wrap up the title without their starting center?