Kenyon Martin Says the LA Clippers Aren’t Built for the Playoffs

by March 18, 2013

by Marcel Mutoni@ marcel_mutoni

After his New York Knicks got whooped to the tune of 93-80 on Sunday, Kenyon Martin tee’d off on his old team.

Martin, clearly still bitter about the way things ended for him in L.A. last season, told the media that the Clippers’ high-flying style isn’t conducive to Playoff success.

Per the NY Times:

Martin showed his frustration midway through the fourth quarter. He swung at Ryan Hollins and fouled him hard on the arm. After the whistle, Hollins slowly walked away in pain from an angry Martin. After a video review, the referees upgraded Martin’s foul to a flagrant one. When asked if he thought he deserved a flagrant foul, Martin responded: “I don’t get involved with that, man. I’ve been around the league way too long. You know I ain’t going to comment on that.” Then came the next question: Is there any bad blood between you and the Clippers? “Next question, man,” Martin answered with a stern look.

The Clippers had eight dunks against the Knicks. Martin does not see that style of play translating well in the postseason. He remembers how the Clippers were swept by the San Antonio Spurs in the second round last year. “You can’t do it in the playoffs, so it don’t matter,” he said. “In the regular season it’s all up and down, man. We know the way the game goes in the regular season.” When asked how the Clippers would do in the playoffs, Martin gave a short answer that shouldn’t surprise many people. “I don’t care what they do,” he said, smiling. “I hope they lose every game. I don’t care.”

Bad Ass Yellow Boy!

With the Playoff picture in the Eastern Conference getting murkier by the day, Kenyon Martin and the New York Knicks should have much greater concerns on their minds than the Clippers’ postseason chances.