Kevin Durant: ‘Grown Men Can’t Come to the Game and Heckle Grown Men’

by November 21, 2018

Kevin Durant blew up at a couple of heckling Mavs fans last weekend, earning himself a $25,000 fine.

KD says people who show up at NBA arenas simply to heckle opposing players are “weak” and “corny.”

“More fans should understand what that means,” said Durant. “Grown men can’t come to the game and heckle grown men. That’s corny. That’s weak.

“You come to the game to heckle another grown man — ‘you soft, you weak. Draymond this, Draymond that’ — You’re gonna sleep as a grown man doing that to another person?”

Durant also continues to downplay the fiery exchange he had with teammate Draymond Green.

Per Yahoo Sports:

“After the game against Atlanta [the night after the incident], I’m like, ‘I need to talk after the game?’’’ Durant told Yahoo Sports. “During the game, I’m like, ‘Ah, [expletive], I’m probably going to have to say something about this.’ Why do I have to think about that during the basketball game? And that’s a fight I had to have, focusing on just playing. …

“And that’s what I tend to focus on, but you’ve got so much B.S. that’s being thrown your way that I didn’t create. If I created all of this stuff, then I couldn’t be out here talking like this, but I didn’t create any of this. I’m just out here playing.”

That was perhaps the most frustrating part of the experience for the 7-foot small forward who was the 2013-14 league MVP.

“My whole thing is I didn’t create any of this,” he continued. “That’s just my whole thing. I was just playing basketball. Now, I got to answer questions, now I got to talk about this, now I got to feel a way when I was in a great zone playing basketball. … Now, it’s always going to come back. Like, ‘Are they all right? Man, he didn’t play well. Is he going to leave?’ Why do I even have to think about that at this point? … Then it turned into, ‘K.D.’s going to this place, he doesn’t like the Warriors no more. He should go here, he should go there.’ More distractions.”

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