Kevin Durant: ‘I Want to Own and Run an NBA Team’

by December 11, 2019

Kevin Durant wants to “own and run an NBA team” someday.

Durant, 31, is aiming to create “true generational wealth.

For now, however, KD is focused on getting healthy enough to play again after suffering a ruptured Achilles tendon last summer.

Per Forbes:

“What’s most important is to take care of my body so I can put my product back on the court,” Durant says. “How well you play on the court determines how big your business is going to grow.”

That business starts with a $164 million contract he signed with the Brooklyn Nets this summer and a ten-year, $275 million Nike shoe deal that assumes his continued superstardom. With those two alone, he will earn more than $70 million this season without suiting up for a single game. Durant’s goal is to turn that income into assets at a scale few athletes not named Jordan or LeBron have attempted.

“I want to own and run an NBA team—run day-to-day operations and impact young players coming through the league,” he says, ticking off the path that Michael Jordan took to become a billionaire.

“I started down here,” Durant adds, leaning forward to touch the floor of his apartment with his gigantic hand. “I know there’ll be kids popping up in my family, and I want them to start above this roof. The only way to get there for your family is to create money, and I want to do it in a cooler way, not just being greedy and accumulating as much as I can.”

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