Kevin Durant in Negotiations With Turkish Team

by Marcel Mutoni@marcel_mutoni

Ever since the NBA lockout began, there hasn’t been too much talk about Kevin Durant possibly taking his talents abroad.

According to Durant’s agent, though, KD may very well join Deron Williams in Turkey.

Besiktas, the Turkish hoops team, is in talks with Kevin Durant, apparently shifting its focus away from Kobe Bryant (who may be looking at heading to China, instead.)

ESPN reports:

Agent Aaron Goodwin told on Tuesday night that he has met with officials from Turkish club Besiktas and has likewise begun exploring opportunities for Durant in Spain and Russia. Goodwin added that playing in China is not something Durant is considering at this time. “The Turkish option is very intriguing,” Goodwin said. “We’re looking at other countries as well. Kevin hasn’t agreed to play anywhere yet, but we’re looking for the best fit.”

The Turkish newspaper VATAN has reported that Besiktas, if ultimately rejected by Bryant after weeks of trying to get the Los Angeles Lakers’ star swingman to commit to join New Jersey’s Williams at the Istanbul club, would then shift its focus to trying to sign Durant to play with Williams in the event of an extended lockout.

Jamal Crawford, another Goodwin client, has also been fielding calls from “real aggressive” Turkish squads.

CBS Sports reported earlier this week that as many as six NBA All-Stars were on the verge of signing deals with overseas teams. Could Kevin Durant be one of them? Only time will tell.