Kevin Durant to Mavs Fans: ‘Watch the F*cking Game and Shut the F*ck Up’

by November 19, 2018

A pair of rowdy Mavs fans got under Kevin Durant‘s skin, and KD fired back by profanely telling them to watch the game and keep their voices down.

It didn’t work, as they kept chirping, and enjoyed Dallas’ 112-109 win Saturday night against the visiting Golden State Warriors.

Durant finished with 32 points in the loss.

Per TMZ:

The witness says KD’s explicit outburst was completely justified. Kevin Durant went off on a heckler who was sitting courtside at the Mavs game this weekend — telling the guy, “Watch the f**king game and shut the f**k up.”

One witness who was sitting in spitting distance from the incident tells us … the heckler was just saying the typical NBA fan trash talk — calling KD names like, “Cupcake” and other insults.

But, KD wasn’t having it — walking over to the group, leaning in … and cussing the guys out.

Kevin Durant was fined $25,000 for cursing at the fans.

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