KD Responds To Barkley About ‘Annoying’ Draymond Green 🤣

by May 21, 2018
draymond durant barkley

After the Warriors’ 85-126 Game 3 blowout win over Houston, Charles Barkley asked Kevin Durant if Draymond Green is “as annoying in person as he is on television.”

Looking Chuck straight in the eye, KD challenged Barkley to go downstairs and ask Green himself (starting at 2:38):

Chuck: “Is Draymond Green as annoying in person as he is on television?”

KD: “You should go talk to him. He downstairs.”

Shaq: “He ain’t gon’ do it.”

KD: “Oh, he ain’t gon’ do it?”

Shaq: “He gon’ apologize to him. That’s all he gon’ do.”

Chuck: “You’re around him every day. He’s annoying on television—”

KD: “He’s downstairs. You can go ask him.”

Kenny: “Go ask him, man.”

Shaq: “Yeah, go ask him.”

Chuck: “Let the man answer the question.”

Kenny: “[Draymond’s] not annoying to him.”

Shaq: “You might run down, but you gon’ walk back, Cletus.”

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