Kevin Durant Wants to Own an NBA Team

by May 23, 2018

Kevin Durant says he’d like to own an NBA team someday, once he’s accumulated enough cash to do it.

Durant wants to be involved in every aspect of team ownership.

KD adds that living and playing in the Bay Area has made it easier for him to build a business empire.Per ESPN:

You’ve said you’d like to own an NBA team.

KD: “I wish I had the money. It’s crazy. Obviously, the financial part is definitely going to be the hardest part. I’ve been part of two great organizations. I know the game inside and out and I know the players. And I feel like these NBA franchises just change lives. They change cities. I would love to do that. All the aspects of owning a team, I would love to be involved in — from the financial and marketing side to the team-building to the camaraderie to the coaching.”

Best business advice you’ve been told?

KD: “Don’t do things just for money. Don’t do things just for fame. Do things because you feel right and it feels true.”

That’s interesting, because I feel like people say you’re fake — when you feel you’re being real.

KD: “Fake is what runs the world right now. Narratives are what matter. Perception is what matters. So when you’ve got the majority of the world worrying about perception and what they look like, then the people who don’t care about that stuff seem fake to them.”