Kevin Garnett does not feel sorry for himself

By Sam Rubenstein

When you read opinion pieces about Kevin Garnett, much of them center on the fact that his career has been wasted by an inept front office, and because of that he wallows in self-pity. That is half true. I don’t know why it’s always reported that KG is so unhappy. He plays as hard as any superstar in the game and gets paid more than most of them. Sometimes he looks like he’s going to punch someone out, but that is because he is a professional athlete, and in the course of competition those types are prone to making intense faces. That intensity is a big part of why so many of us are such big fans of his and wish he had a real chance at going deep in the playoffs.

The truthful part of people’s assumptions is the thing about the front office. Yeah, they did him ugly. But I think Kevin is happy that he took their megamillions.

IheartKG has a little synopsis of the situation. There is no pity involved, and Kevin actively takes shots at the front office. Would it be better if he flat-out demanded a trade out of town like every other guy that’s not in the exact perfect situation they want? I’m happy to see him not feeling sorry for himself.