Kevin Garnett Shocked Kyrie Irving Opted for Surgery

by April 12, 2018

Kevin Garnett couldn’t believe that Kyrie Irving agreed to undergo season-ending left knee surgery with the NBA playoffs just around the corner.

KG wishes the Boston Celtics had pushed their All-Star point guard to play through the pain.

Garnett says things might have turned out differently for Kyrie if he was hooping back in his day.

Per the Boston Globe:

“Are you shocked by the Kyrie decision for surgery?’’ [Garnett] asked, referencing Celtics guard Kyrie Irving’s recent season-ending surgery on his knee.

I told him I was not surprised, given that Irving was clearly playing through pain and there seemed to be some mystery about the whole situation.

“I was shocked. I was totally not ready for that one,’’ said Garnett, who battled knee injuries during his time with the Celtics.

“I wish they’d pushed the onus [on him] to play a little bit, but everyone is a lot more into wellness and their body these days. In a different era, maybe you were looked at a little differently [if you couldn’t play through an injury].’’