Kevin Martin’s Wrist is Fractured

by November 06, 2009

by Marcel Mutoni / @marcel_mutoni

The Kings’ best player — and really, only hope to make this season somewhat tolerable — has a difficult decision to make about his injured wrist. His options are all awful.

Martin, who was off to a scorching start this season, is expected to make an announcement to the team today about what to do with his fractured wrist.

The Bee reports:

Martin could miss six-to-eight weeks after an MRI of his left wrist showed a non-displaced hairline fracture of the navicular bone. Martin has three options to deal with this injury:

1. He can have his wrist put in a cast for six-to-eight weeks. 2. He can have surgery with screws inserted and miss eight weeks. 3. He could try to play through the pain, like he did Wednesday night against Atlanta. “I’m going to turn the phone of early tonight and get some good sleep on it and I’ll to make a decision on it tomorrow,” Martin said. Martin is sure to receive several texts and calls advising him of what he should do. Martin certainly didn’t expect to learn he had a broken wrist, especially after playing with it Wednesday.

The Kings were already expected to have a terrible season, but now, there’s no telling just how low they will sink.

Martin’s decision — whatever it may be — won’t do anything to alter that reality.